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SUNDAYS 9:00 AM + 10:30 AM


The purpose of WakyMC’s Worship Ministry is to create a space for people to encounter God, engage with His Story, and to meet with God in prayer.  We desire to be a group of people who seek to glorify God both through our lives and in song both with passion and excellence.  To sing a song involves the whole body and mind to sing, and when the body and mind are engaged, often the heart with follow. 

Expectations and Commitment

Regardless of the instrument you play or role you fill, leading people in worship is a unique calling that comes with responsibility. Get a better idea of what the expectations and commitment level looks like.


As we look to honor and serve the Lord in worship together we want to do so by giving God our best. We've defined some of the values that we want to strive for in worship each week to serve Him and His people with excellence.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Are you interested in getting involved in the music or tech side of WakyMC's worship ministry? We'd love for you to get in touch with us so we can see where the best fit might be.


Chris Lehane

 Worship Pastor

  • What should I expect when I visit?
    When you first walk into our doors, you will be greeted by some smiling faces. Our greeters are happy to help you find your way around. There is an Information Desk just inside the lobby that can help explain service options, Children's or Student Ministry, or classes available.
  • How long are your worship services? What are they like?
    Services are approximately 60-minutes long, but can vary a little shorter or longer sometimes. Wakarusa Missionary Church offers two Worship Services on Sunday mornings: 9:00 AM Sunday Service Location: Worship Center Our Sunday service has contemporary worship music (such as Hillsong, Bethel and Elevation) and live preaching. ​ 10:30 AM Sunday Service Location: Worship Center Our Sunday service has contemporary worship music (such as Hillsong, Bethel and Elevation) and live preaching. ​ Livestream And if you happen to be unable to join us, you can always join us via livestream! Just click here to tune in.
  • When are your services?
    9:00 AM & 10:30 AM – Our worship experience is typically 64 minutes of relevant worship coupled with practical, biblically sound teaching. We believe that the church is never supposed to be boring or predictable. Our goal is to provide a powerful worship experience every Sunday in order that Jesus may be made known in our community and world.
  • How should I dress?
    For all of our services, we want you to be comfortable and wear what you want. Some enjoy dressing up as they have for years, wearing dresses and suits, while others prefer worshiping in jeans. Much of what people wear is based on what service they attend. So, the bottom line – dress how you would like; we just want you to be there and enjoy your time with God and us.
  • What does Wakarusa Missionary Church believe?
    We uphold the doctrine of the Missionary Church denomination, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Go to for information on the Missionary Church, or here for more information on our core beliefs.
  • Is Wakarusa Missionary Church part of a denomination?
    Wakarusa Missionary Church belongs to the Missionary Church denomination, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can learn more about the Missionary Church by visiting
  • What is the preaching and worship style?
    Our teaching is Bible-based, Christ-centric, and applied to our day-to-day lives. The worship style is diverse utilizing modern songs as well as traditional hymns. We recognize that Wakarusa Missionary Church may not be the church for everyone. Biblical community is very important to us and if our church is not a good fit for you or your family, we want to help you find a church home. There are several fantastic, Christ-centered churches in the area and we’d be happy to point you in a direction that might be a better fit for you. Please contact us so that we can help!
  • Is there something for my children?
    Yes there is! We have an excellent Children's Ministry program provided for infants through 5th grade. Children will not only be closely cared for, but we also gear teaching and education for each age group that allows not just the parents, but the whole family to grow in their faith together. Because we care for children, it is our goal to be very secure in protecting our children. So we have included a security check-in system for our kids 5th grade and under. To make your first time checking in faster visit us at the Welcome Desk to get set up!
  • What translation of the Bible do you use?
    There are many wonderful translations of the Word of God out there but as a church we consistently use the NLT in our services and classes. While you may hear other translations read, they are typically used alongside the NLT to help give greater understanding to the meaning of the text.
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