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"Make disciples who love Jesus and love people."


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SUNDAYS 9:00 AM + 10:30 AM


The purpose of WakyMC’s Worship Ministry is to create a space for people to encounter God, engage with His Story, and to meet with God in prayer.  We desire to be a group of people who seek to glorify God both through our lives and in song both with passion and excellence.  To sing a song involves the whole body and mind to sing, and when the body and mind are engaged, often the heart with follow. 

Expectations and Commitment

Regardless of the instrument you play or role you fill, leading people in worship is a unique calling that comes with responsibility. Get a better idea of what the expectations and commitment level looks like.


As we look to honor and serve the Lord in worship together we want to do so by giving God our best. We've defined some of the values that we want to strive for in worship each week to serve Him and His people with excellence.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Are you interested in getting involved in the music or tech side of WakyMC's worship ministry? We'd love for you to get in touch with us so we can see where the best fit might be.

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Chris Lehane



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